Open source Flow Cytometry data analysis package for calibrating arbitrary fluorescence units (a.u.) into Molecules of Equivalent Fluorophore (MEF).


S.M. Castillo-Hair, J.T. Sexton, B.P. Landry, E.J. Olson, O.A. Igoshin, J.J. Tabor*
"FlowCal: A user-friendly, open source software tool for automatically converting flow cytometry data from arbitrary to calibrated units."
ACS Syn. Biol. 5(7), 774–780 (2016).
DOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.5b00284

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An open source web application designed to enable easy programming and creation of Light Program Files (LPFs) for use in Tabor Lab optogenetic hardware (see LPA in the Hardware page). It uses HTML5 and JavaScript to acquire desired light function parameters, perform intensity & staggered-start calculations, and finally deliver output files to the user, all in the browser.


K.P. Gerhardt, E.J. Olson, S.M. Castillo-Hair, L.A. Hartsough, B.P. Landry, F. Ekness, R. Yokoo, E.J. Gomez, P. Ramakrishnan, J. Suh, D.F. Savage, J.J. Tabor*
"An open-hardware platform for optogenetics and photobiology"
Sci. Rep. 6, 35363 (2016). DOI: 10.1038/srep35363 [PDF]

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